Tree-Trimming Tips

Seasonal Savings on All Your Holiday Needs at DII Stores

If you’ve ever gazed in appreciation at a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in a shop or window and thought, Wow, I’d love to be able to decorate like that in my own home, now you can. Creating a standout spruce or fabulous Frasier is easy and fun with a few decorator tips and tricks. 

The design experts at DII Deals & Discounts, the budget-friendly chain known for its value and variety, have been creating holiday magic for nearly 60 years in their family-run retail business.

With 17 locations throughout the tristate area, DII Christmas stores are winter wonderlands, with hundreds of holiday trimmings and décor available now, and more inventory added daily. Their newest store is in North Bellmore, Long Island at 2815 Jerusalem Avenue across from North Shore Farms.

While you may trim one tree, DII trims over 100 each year to make its holiday windows in their seventeen stores sparkle. Their highly Instagramable Christmas Store has everything you need to make your house a home for the holidays – inside and out. Choose from trees and wreaths, lights, ornaments, trimmings, toppers, holiday themed-home décor and gifts and more!


Tree-Trimming Tips

To help make your own holidays merry and bright, here are a few of DII’s favorite holiday tree-trimming tips:

Where to Place Your Tree

Whether you purchase a live tree or invest in a feel-real artificial tree, placement is key. Select a low-traffic spot away from any heat source such as a baseboard, radiator or fireplace. Consider a location in front of a window to appreciate your tree from both inside and out. Once placed, allow a live tree to settle. For both live and artificial trees, fluff the branches to create shape and volume. Stand back and rearrange or prune any errand branches to create the perfect conical shape. Leave a foot between the top of your tree and the ceiling to allow for a tree topper.

Tip for a Live Tree PurchaseTake your stand (look for one with a wide flat base) to your Christmas tree farm or vendor. Have the attendants place your wrapped tree in the stand. This guarantees that your tree will be straight and secure and will save you from doing extra work when you get it home. Add hot water to help a live tree rehydrate quickly, then use tap water to keep your stand filled. A good rule of thumb is one quart of water for every inch in the trunk’s diameter.


Top Picks

Pros use tree picks to fill out space and add visual interest to their trees. Tree picks come in many forms, such as decorated branches, twigs, berries, or pinecones. Use them as subtle accents to complement the entire look of your tree. Make sure to choose picks with bendable stems to make shaping easier. DII offers tree picks in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to fit your holiday décor. 


Choose a Theme

Once your tree is fluffed and filled out, it presents a blank canvas for your creativity. Choose a theme for your tree based on color, pattern, ornaments, lights or florals. Make it natural or glam, covered in toys or ornaments. It’s up to your imagination. Get inspired by visiting a DII store and checking out the huge array of trimmings for trees, holiday-inspired items for kitchen and bath and spirited apparel.


Lighting a Live or Faux Tree

Lighting is key to a well-decorated holiday tree. DII has artificial trees that are easy to assemble and provide pleasure year in and year out. Allow for at least 100 lights for every foot of tree height (for example, a 6-foot tree would need a minimum of 600 lights). DII has a full line of indoor and holiday lights in all colors and sizes. And don’t forget to add extension cords and timers to your shopping list.

Start at the bottom of the tree and string your lights along the underside of each branch all the way around and then double back over the top of the same branch and repeat as you work your way up the tree. Designers know to weave their lights from front to back as well, creating depth from the trunk out to the tips of the branches. Periodically, take a step back to see where you may need to rearrange and even out your lighting coverage. 


Secure Your Topper

Before you start placing your ornaments, decide on a tree topper. Trim any top branches to allow you to secure your topper to the topmost branch of your tree. Common toppers are stars and angels but be sure to consider the weight of whatever topper you choose to avoid tipping.


Place Your Ornaments

DII design experts suggest taking out all your ornaments and arranging them on a flat surface in size order from large to small. Start at the top of the tree and begin by placing the largest ornaments first. Then, add your medium-sized ornaments and, finally, your smallest. DII offers prepackaged ornament sets to match your theme as well as one-of-a-kind individual ornaments to create a custom look.

Like your lights, be sure to place ornaments from trunk out for a fuller look. Suspend icicle-like ornaments at branch ends so that they look natural. Hang ornaments near lights to allow the light to be reflected. Hang antique and fragile ornaments near the top of the tree, where they will be less likely to get knocked off by pets and passersby. Step back and assess your placement from time to time to make sure you are creating a uniform look.


Add Garland


A garland can add interest and dimension to any tree. Garlands can be made of ribbon, fruits and berries, beads, popcorn and more. Again, it’s up to your theme and imagination. There are wonderful pre-made garlands available to meet every holiday theme, so be sure to ask the design experts at DII for recommendations. 


Skirt the Issue

To finish off your look, place a tree skirt around the bottom of your tree/tree stand. It will cover any unattractive metal tree legs or stands, protect your floors, continue your theme from top to bottom, and serve as a great backdrop to brightly wrapped presents.


Carry Your Theme Throughout Your House

You’ll want to complement your beautifully decorated tree with coordinated décor inside and outside your home. Up your curb appeal with outdoor lighting, festive yard signs, window clings and be-ribboned window and door swags or garlands. Inside, carry the holiday spirit into kitchen and bath spaces. DII has an amazing assortment of holiday-themed linens, curtains, pillows, seat covers, bath sets and floor mats, all priced lower than big box stores.


Affordable Holiday and Hostess Gifts

DII’s holiday décor, decorations and apparel create holiday spirit in any home and are also great as gifts for friends, family, teachers and other service professionals.


DII Stores wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season.

For more decorating ideas, view our complete inventory of holiday décor, and find a convenient location near you