Party Central Flexible Neon Straws, 200 Straws

Maximum Purchase:
6 units
May Vary

Product Overview

Everyone has a preference when it comes to using a straw. Some people like to use them to protect their lips and teeth from the temperature of the drink. Some of them like straws for the speed at which they can drink. Some people donÕt like them at all. However, you should always have a consistent supply of this accessory. These colorful straws put smiles on faces at parties or any day of the year. With 200 straws in every straw, you can add a little fun to your party drinks with neon straws. Drink in style with assorted neon colors. These straws are an ideal way to add to the festivities at your event. The crazy straw is not only great for drinking out of at your event, it also makes a great party favor give a way in all your goody bags.

  • 200 STRAWS IN EACH PACKAGE: This package contains 200 disposable straws with a variety of colors.
  • VERY FLEXIBLE: The flexible section bends to most any direction, which gives you more versatility when you drink.
  • USE IN ANY DRINK: This design is ideal for hot or cold beverages.
  • SANITARY: These disposable and flexible drinking straws are sanitary, disposable, and fun.
  • USE THEM ANYWHERE: No matter where you go, you can benefit from using a straw. These great accessories are often used in restaurants, cafes, family functions, schools, offices, and parties.